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What is Ultimate Compliance?

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  1. Personalized, high touch service and support provided by the decision makers

  2. A comprehensive battery of assessment tools, training courses and other learning opportunities.

  3. Extensive curriculum that loads directly onto your health system’s eLearning platform.  Or we will help you source a solution from delivery to testing to reporting that meets your needs; comprehensively, efficiently, and cost effectively.


Our programs concentrate on the seven elements of an effective compliance program as defined by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and are continually being expanded and improved by a board of leading Health System CCO’s.


Our curriculum is designed to address over 20 segments of healthcare professionals from Billing to Board Members, Nurses to Doctors, Audit to Admissions. It’s a pretty good list, so if you don’t see your target, let us know. 

Admissions, Billing, Human Resources, Discharge Planning, Compliance Audit
  • Admissions

  • Billing/Financial Services

  • Board Members

  • Cardiac Services

  • Coders

  • Compliance/Audit

  • Discharge Planning

Nursing, Diagnostician, laboratory, ER, patient care
  • ER Nursing

  • ER Support Staff

  • High Risk Personnel

  • HIM

  • Home Care

  • Hospice Care

  • Laboratory

  • Nurses/Patient Care Providers

Pharmacy, hospital worker, healtalthcare professional
  • Nursing Management

  • Pharmacy
  • Physicians

  • Registration

  • Skilled Nursing/ Long Term Care

  • Therapists

  • Volunteers

Assessment Tools


Our experience suggests compliance competency typically does not touch every area of a healthcare organization equally.  We can help you measure your staff's compliance aptitude.  Specifically, their awareness and understanding of today's compliex healthcare rules and regulations.


Our Regulatory Compliance Assessment tools allow you to:

  • Review department specific analysis to inform where and what compliance may be needed

  • Focus your valuable resources on training deficiencies

  • Benchmark your compliance education

  • Utilize your existing training platform

To see our available assesment tools click here


If you are currently operating under a Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) or believe you may soon be subject to one, we specialize in assembling customized online training curriculum to target your specific needs.  Key training topics typically include:

  • "Covered Persons"

  • Contractors & Agents

  • Physicians & Non-Physician Practitioners

  • Board of Directors/Commissioners

  • Code of Conduct

  • General Compliance Training (qui tam, gifts, reporting violations, hotlines)

Our training is offered in an e-learning format for easy delivery, tracking and reporting.

Facing Corporae Integrity

If you're reading this and thinking, “sounds interesting, but I’d sure like a FREE Demo.”  CLICK HERE, fill out our short form and we’ll email it to you.

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