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A Bit of Background

With an average of over three decades of experience, we've been a part of the evolution of digital compliance training and have helped healthcare facilities of all sizes solve their unique challenges. 


We’ve been part of and have led 100,000+ employee sized IDN's as well as  small organizations in providing personal & customised compliance & HIPAA training solutions 


We are a fired up, solutions oriented company.  We eat compliance training and HIPAA challenges for breakfast.  We love knowing our clients. We are all about cultivating long-term relationships and innovative solutions.


Our goal is not to be the biggest, slickest, most celebrated eLearning company out there, just your most trusted and respected healthcare compliance eLearning partner.


It doesn’t matter if you already have a healthcare compliance training solution or if you just found out today that you are responsible for it.  What matters is that you are open to someone who wants to help get you to the best solution for yours and your company’s needs – the Ultimate Compliance Program. 


We are lean but not alone.  We have worked closely with the Catholic Health Association of the United States and leading compliance experts to offer comprehensive & customized compliance training solutions.

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