A Better Way:

  • to assess your healthcare compliance needs

  • to engage with your employees. 

  • to meet your compliance and HIPAA objectives.

  • to approach compliance cost effectively.

  • to manage your compliance education process.

  • to target your specific departments.

  • to stay on top of compliance change.

  • to address Corporate Integrity Agreement requirements.

  • to interpret your data and risk to develop compliance strategies.


We are the e-Learning company that solves the challenges of your healthcare compliance.

Our Services

First we listen.  Then we apply our deep understanding of healthcare compliance education HIPAA and evolving technologies to solve your specific learning challenges.

The Durable Compliance Top 10

There are a lot more than 10, but here are some facts about us to help give you a sense of our purpose.

  1. We have been working in healthcare, compliance, HIPAA and eLearning for a long time but still get excited every day about solving BIG (and small) problems.

  2. We work with companies and people who inspire us.

  3. We want to help you get to the right solution - even if it means less revenue to us.

  4. We like to laugh.  A lot.  Especially at our own expense.

  5. We love questions.  They make us better at what we do every day.

  6. What you see is what you get.  That means we are not beholden to the whims of some faceless parent company.

  7. We are all about "better mousetraps" and challenge our own thinking every day.

  8. We celebrate our families and strive to embody the sense of joy they give us in our work, every day.

  9. When we don't have an answer, we will shoot straight with you.  Then go get it!

  10. Your satisfaction is our success, and we are wired to make you happy.

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